What are NFTs ‘worth’? A story of what true NFT Utility looks like. The Angel Alliance in action

This particular ‘NFT’ story begins on a blustery evening on November 1, 2022. We at Angel Protocol had received a request from the Yamba Hearts Center, a school in Mpigi, Uganda, for a need to build a few new classrooms as well as finish the roof on the school before the students return. The proposal was for roughly $4000 USD. 

No sooner had we read the email, our Angel Alliance was approached by a NFT sub-community called the Crowned Space Apes NFT collection. This sub community had decided that they wanted to do a fun spin off of a popular collection and call it the ‘BADer Apes Collection.’  The idea was to get the community excited about an initiative and lift spirits during a pretty long crypto winter.

When we were discussing strategy together, our team pitched the idea for the collection to go to a recent need we had just heard about; the Yamba Hearts Center. The Crowned Space Apes team loved the idea and just one month later, the 300 piece NFT collection minted out in just 2 minutes and 7 seconds. 

Roughly $1500 was raised in those 2 minutes.

We received the funds and deposited the money in the fundraising page on Angel Protocol’s (charity marketplace). 

Due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received about this charity collection, we decided to bring all parties together again; the NFT collection and the charity for a video call and an even more beautiful idea was born.

NFTs from Uganda

During the call, we came up with a fun idea of having the students of Yamba Hearts re-create the collection themselves as physical art, and turn those art pieces into NFTs! More on that another time. 

Since that video call, two more donations came into the Angel Alliance; proceeds of a private auction from the Krusty Kritters and another donation from the Crowned Space Apes. Both to be sent to the school and used for art supplies needed to create these masterpieces. 

Happy New Year

It took some time for the funds to get into the hands of the people down in Uganda due to some off-ramping complications. 2023 arrived, as had the funds; the school project took off IMMEDIATELY.  And in less than a month, the school classrooms were nearly completed and the roof was installed! 

The Humans are Coming!


Both the humans are coming to school – as the pupils and teachers benefit from a classroom with a roof and new art materials AND ‘The Humans are Coming’ to the Stargaze NFT Marketplace on February 6, 2023.

The Space Ape Society in collaboration with Crowned Space Apes are launching their most anticipated collection titled ‘The Human Collection.’ There will be 3750 NFTs available for mint. Of those, a select few will have traits of either an angel or demon on the human’s shoulder.

This special trait then unlocks another collection of Angels vs. Demons which 100% of proceeds will be headed to Angel Alliance!  

Learn more about the mint and collection here

NFT Utility

This story has been so rewarding of course for the students and faculty at the Yamba Hearts Center in Uganda; but also for everyone in the Cosmos Ecosystem; this has been, still is, one of the most powerful examples of what true NFT utility and community looks like.

Everyone knows the saying that it feels better to give a gift than to receive one, and the last few months have felt like the best present ever! 

While the Angel Alliance plays a small role in this beautiful relationship, the opportunities we get to present to projects (specifically in the web3/cryptocurrency world), enabling them to become actively involved in the lives of people all around the world is beyond rewarding.

The Space Ape Community has shown the Cosmos Ecosystem and beyond what it means to be good stewards of the platform one has been given. 

What are NFTs ‘worth’? Sometimes, immeasurably more than can be described by a simple floor price or rarity!

“Individually we are one drop; together we are an ocean- Ryunosuke Satoro 

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