Validator Income and Expenditure Report: Q4 2022

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Thanks for joining us on our journey to redefine global impact financing, closing the year out strong with Angel Giving and with the validator income of the validators we operate! 

Angel Giving provides tooling for changemakers to fundraise, coordinate, and invest. We offer a solution that better connects capital flows to these changemakers in enduring and creative ways. 

Validator rewards are a cornerstone of this strategy. Angel Giving operates a number of cross-chain validators to support the decentralization of the underlying blockchain ecosystem, but also:

  • Embed an element of social good at the foundational layer of a blockchain
  • Provide a no-cost option for blockchain ecosystems to participate in social impact through delegation
  • Engage individuals who can donate recurring yield without giving up exposure to their underlying asset


We currently validate on Kujira, Terra, and Juno blockchains. Rewards are harvested monthly, with $11,898 in rewards generated from December, and a total of $130,905 from May 2022 through December 2022.

Monthly Angel Protocol Validator rewards graph

These funds will be applied to:

December Usage:


Dollar Amount:

Direct Charity Distribution



AP Charitable Endowment



AP Runway






Direct Charity Distribution: funds are directly sent to existing charity endowments on our marketplace, visible on our dashboard.

Angel Protocol Endowment: funds will be earmarked to seed $100 for newly on-boarded non-profit endowment accounts, visible on our marketplace.

AP Runway: funds will be used to support the ongoing operations of Angel Protocol until we’re able to raise additional capital to secure our runway, at which point all validator revenue will go 100% to charity

How to Help:

We believe blockchains can embed social impact on a foundational block by block level. Our 100% commission validators and Locked For Good program provide the infrastructure to transparently manage and generate revenue for donations in novel ways. 

We do this in a low risk environment without comprising the overall value of the underlying ecosystem token, provide an on-chain transaction receipt, and connect you to a world of non-profits who can deliver on their mission of doing good.

If your community or validator is interested in embedding social impact in their operations, please reach out at

Reference – What is a validator?:

Validators secure the blockchain network, by running a full node and participating in consensus. This is done by broadcasting votes containing cryptographic signatures signed by their respective private key.

Validators commit new blocks in the blockchain and receive revenue in exchange for their work. They must also participate in governance by voting on proposals and are weighted according to their total stake.

Most networks have an ‘active’ set capped at a particular number (150 for Cosmos, 135 for Juno), based on respective delegation weight. The validator cannot participate in consensus or generate rewards until the stake is high enough to be in the top 150. Over time, the maximum number of validators may be increased via on-chain governance proposal (Cosmos Hub).