Update from the front line: Stories from Ukraine.

Third Wave Volunteers image

We have some news from the front line in Ukraine. 

Third Wave Volunteers are one of the charities benefitting from donations made earlier this year. The following, sent over a few days, can now be released as it is less sensitive than at the actual time.

“We were with a local mayor who was captured for three months and just been released in a prisoner swap. He’s 36 years old and he’s helping lead us to the recaptured villages in the Kherson area — the city of Kherson is still occupied.”

“I was asked to head up a mental health program for 20,000 Jewish women and children from Ukraine, who are now in Israel. I’m flying there shortly to meet the Israeli prime minister and the refugees. But there’s a great battle in Kherson happening now and we are feeding the front-line villages stuck between the bombing.”

“The battle to take back Kherson started a few days ago. There is martial law and the soldiers we trained to save lives as medics have come under fire and have many casualties. We continue to push forward and get food aid supplies to the recaptured villages where people just weep in our arms. This is a civilian war where the soldiers are fisherman, farmers and baby food salesmen.”

“Today, we’ve been deep in the front lines helping get food supplies to the recaptured villages of the Kherson region. 🙂 I’m so happy Angel Protocol is relaunching, you can use these pics of our delivery of LOVE to the front lines.”

Angel Protocol is indeed relaunching the charity marketplace (here’s the old version) very soon, along with a new website. You will be able to donate again to charities such as Third Wave Volunteers. The accounts above are directly from Ukraine, and the support you have given is aiding families right now.

The Angel Protocol endowments of course, will continue to support them. Long into the future. Give once — Give forever!

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