Charity and Marketing Lead

"We choose to do these things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard"

Meet Tim

  • Moved house about every 5 years as a child, which probably has something to do with my resulting highly mobile career profile. Currently, the only UK team member.
  • Trained as a teacher of mathematics and taught in some of the toughest schools in Inner London. I have many stories... Married with three adult children.
  • Then moved to working with educational technology. First taught a 'remote lesson' 20 years ago, which came in handy during COVID, when I worked with the English Government on providing support for remote learning.
  • Along the way, worked in a number of startups, usually on sales and marketing and with venture funding, which means I have seen many, many startup decks!
  • Drifted first into bitcoin in 2017 and very happy to have sold at $16k. Never look back and wonder "What if?" An adage that works well after then drifting into the Terra world! However, that also led me to Angel Protocol.

Professional Principles

Fun Facts

  • The concept of servant leadership; which probably leads to the altruistic aspect of nearly all of my roles in life.
  • Challenge myself daily.
  • Keep learning. Every day, every situation is an opportunity to learn more.
  • Be kind. After watching many many Disney films with children, what better than Thumper's words - "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all"
  • Cycling is my escape, physically and mentally. I do like riding slowly up mountains, and coming back down a little faster, but not much faster. Really pleased to have conquered Mont Ventoux this year.
  • The name 'Stirrup' is very unusual and in the past highly localised Go back to the 1891 census and almost all the Stirrups were located in and around Liverpool, UK. I am a proud 'Scouser'.
  • Likes eating Scouse
  • Have a little house in France and enjoy going there for relaxation. Now the village has broadband, also possible to work there.
  • Watched the 'Back to the Future' trilogy far too many times. Only eclipsed by the number of times I have watched 'West Wing'. What's Next?