Impact Story 1: Typhoon Rai and The Yellow Boat of Hope

Super Typhoon Rai, locally referred to as “Odette”, was the fifteenth storm to hit the Philippines and the strongest in 2021, making nine landfalls on 16–17 December 2021 and causing a local humanitarian crisis with over 2.4M people affected.

The proposal made was is to allocate $500K in funding from the AP Endowment via AP Validator proceeds for humanitarian relief.

On-chain governance vote was open for 1 week (Jan 31-Feb 7). 


More than 1.5 million houses were destroyed or damaged by the storm, along with basic infrastructure such as schools & medical facilities. Many islands remain entirely without power, with residents living in makeshift shelters.

Entire families have lost their livelihoods and have been relying on aid to survive. As further detailed by the Food and Agriculture Organization:

“Super Typhoon Rai severely disrupted the livelihoods of vulnerable farmers and fishers and compounded the impacts of other climate-induced shocks and the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic. Beyond its immediate impacts, Super Typhoon Rai adversely affected the food security of households who depend on farming and fishing for their primary or secondary source of livelihoods as their productive capacities decreased and their incomes were disrupted. Moreover, Super Typhoon Rai damaged coconut farms and the limited assets of small-scale fishers, exacerbating the vulnerabilities of the poorest households. Consequently, vulnerable categories in the most affected areas such as children, pregnant and lactating women and the elderly are evidently at higher risk of malnutrition.”


  1. To quickly support relief, early recovery, and rehabilitation efforts in areas affected by Typhoon Odette. The scope of these efforts will provide direct support to a total of 8,400 families in our adopted communities over the next year.

  2. To provide long-term (>5years) support to the Yellow Boat adopted communities in Cebu, Bohol, Siargao and Palawan so they can fully recover from Typhoon Odette, grow, and thrive into the future.


Emergency relief (food, temporary shelters, water) and reconstruction (homes, boats, schools) was provided in the hardest hit areas.

  • A strong demonstration of the power of embedding impact in Web3 wealth creation
  • There was a 94% vote turnout, 99% voted yes to the proposal: $HALO governance has meaning and this shows a community can form around altruism
  • Angel Protocol is effective at coordinating emergency relief funding, demonstrated again by raising over $200k for aid in Ukraine

Real impact. Real lives.

The short documentary below shows how by working together, the Angel Protocol community  and the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation have created real, immediate and long lasting impact following the disaster. 

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About the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, their history, story and work.

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Donate directly to the Yellow Boat of Hope endowment account.

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I think we could do something in this column to showcase the other stories. This is just a filler! 

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I think we could do something in this column to showcase the other stories. This is just a filler!