Impact Story 2: Restore Earth

Last fall we had a crazy idea. Restore Earth.

An idea so aggressive, in fact, that we achieved only a portion of our galactic expectations. But in the end, we were proud; proud of the impact we had, proud of the eyes that were opened, and proud of the crypto communities that poured their heart, soul and gainz into this campaign.

But what was Restore Earth? Why should you — the community — be proud having taken part? It was a distilled, crystallized, digestible slice of a project so massive that it can be hard to wrap your head around. Designed deliberately to counteract environmental stigma around cryptocurrencies and engage new donors with philanthropy

We focused attention on healing our planet, the most international goal there is; selected three impactful charities (Global Brigades, SELF, & 5 Gyres) approaching solutions from different angles; told a narrative that was comprehensible; and found incredible ways to reward those who took part.

And when I say we, what I really mean is Angel Protocol and all of our incredible partners, without whom this very seriously could not have happened. Some of you will have heard of Restore Earth on the incredible Terra Bites podcast and donated; some of you may have seen banners on RandomEarth and clicked them; ALL of you will have seen the incredible Galactic Angels we’ve been developing with the Galactic Punks crew (who have been one of the premier NFT partners of Angel Protocol).

For the Restore Earth program, we enabled native donations in BTC, ETH, Luna and UST thus reducing capital gains tax, and distributed automated tax receipts during the  month-long campaign.

And the aforementioned Galactic Angels NFTs incentivized giving, with increasingly rare NFTs minted based on donation thresholds. 

Restore Earth: The impact

  • $1.5m in donations within one month, raising over $500,000 for each nonprofit
  • Strong community engagement with 2,011 unique donors
  • Friendly competition between Angel Alliance, with the top five protocols contributing over $300k collectively
  • 1,387 Galactic Angels minted, evolving into a vibrant community sub-dao and an active secondary market

And so ends chapter one…

There will only ever be those 1,387 Galactic Angels. But that’s not the end of their importance. We encourage you to use them as your PFPs, and as they migrate to the Polygon blockchain, plans are in the works for them to provide utility all across the galactic metaverse.

So while Chapter 1 of Restore Earth ends, this is only tht beginning. Keep on donating to the charities involved, follow the Angel Protocol twitter, join the Discord/Telegram, and keep an eye out for all good things across the crypto universe. There’s much more to come.

Restore Earth - the details

Find out all the statistics about how the program ran.

Donate now

You can still donate to the Restore Earth charities here. Make a difference today.

Charity Focus – the For a Day Foundation

I think we could do something in this column to showcase the other stories. This is just a filler! 



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I think we could do something in this column to showcase the other stories. This is just a filler! 

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I think we could do something in this column to showcase the other stories. This is just a filler!