sagar one

Impact Investment Advisor

“I think we desperately need finance to be humanized. That’s part of the problem today: People perceive it as a complex topic that is not accessible.” - Mihir Desai

Meet Sagar

  • Radical Feminist turned Social Entrepreneur, turned Impact Investor
  • Now Partner at an impact VC fund at Beyond Impact VC and Venture Partner at Republic.
  • A decade of experience as an entrepreneur, operator, venture capitalist, and gender-lens investor.
  • He has led investments in 20 early-stage startups / impact enterprises.

Professional Principles

Fun Facts

  • Vegan, Minimalist, Spiritual,
  • Strongly believe in Gender Equality & Diversity - Equality of Opportunities
  • Everyday Spaghetti, Tempe Lover,
  • Used to be a street activist - gender & animal rights
  • Accidental Investor