Meet Peiru

  • Graduated valedictorian in Mechanical Engineering from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and the CFA and FRM
  • First started work as a Management Associate in Citi, and then as an associate in a private equity fund MGPA (acquired by BlackRock), managing investments of over 4 billion
  • Entured into entrepreneurship in 2010 and managed to turnaround and exited a business facing bankruptcy with the utilization of technology
  • CEO of KeyReply, a health tech company utilising AI for patient engagement, knowledge base management and omnichannel communications. Named top 100 Women in Tech

Professional Principles

Fun Facts

  • What you permit is what you promote
  • Talk is cheap
  • Always leave something on the table
  • Focus on what we can control
  • Enjoy the process
  • Enjoys jamming and playing musical instruments (like the piano, guitar, cajon, erhu) though plays none really well
  • Foodie inside out. Treats food like a national sport.
  • Has a young curious toddler who is at the receiving end of many of my small life experiments
  • Able to shoot a fly with an elastic band