When NFT Passion Meets Educational Access – Community Power Unleashed!

Banner for the BLCK MRKT NFT fundraiser
Last month, three purpose-driven communities showed the power of web3 when values align – one NFT marketplace leveraged its reach, a red-hot NFT project rallied its collectors, and a nonprofit gained runway to uplift youth through technology.

It started when Better.Giving Alliance member BLCK MRKT, a generative art-focused NFT marketplace on Polygon, joined forces with leading avatar project Banshees NFT. The duo asked owners to contribute unique NFTs for a week-long charity raffle promoted to BLCK MRKT’s followers. Excitement stirred as donated prizes rolled in – over 100 art pieces and $HIT governance tokens worth thousands in aggregate were committed for charitable fundraising.

A total of $2,721.47 was raised, with proceeds flowing directly to the Troglodyte Society Foundation (TSF), funding their mission to bring educational infrastructure and web3 opportunity to youth in Sierra Leone. TSF channels innovation – embarking on a groundbreaking flagship web3 training hub to help individuals navigate the digital landscape and seize new economic opportunities. By embracing blockchain’s potential, TSF equips individuals across underserved communities with technical capabilities and economic mobility.

NFT fundraiser Donation summary table

Keeping consistent operations running was always a priority and their partnership with Better.Giving serves to support their quest for financial sustainability. Through Better.Giving’s cost-free sustainability fund, 100% of contributions received will work to fund TSF in perpetuity. The $2,700+ will make a massive impact in funding the building of their inaugural Children’s Center.


That’s the beauty of web3. Where fiery ideas grant access, transparency builds trust, and wonderful communities can alter destinies. 

As always, with Better.Giving, when you give today, you give forever. However you envision igniting change, we’re here to help – with nonprofit tools or funding models aligned to your priorities. Please feel free to contact shaun@better.giving if you’d like to explore these types of opportunities.

Pic of school children in Sierra Leone that benefitted from the NFT fundraiser
Children benefitting from the NFT fundraiser thanking donors

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