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Meet Duffy

  • Born in Buffalo NY spent childhood in Scotts- dale AZ), finished high school in Hudson Valley (NY), went to college and started with GE in Albany/Schnectady (NY), relocated to Cincinnati OH) for GE, and now back full time in Hopewell Junction NY)
  • Graduated from the State University at Albany, Magna Cum Laude, majoring in Communica- tions & Business Administration
  • Married wife Sarah on private trip to Red Rocks, CO in 2016. Two children together, Jack (16 months) and Georgia (4 months)
  • First started working for GE contracted in 2010 as a finance analyst for the Energy businesses, taking an official GE role in 2013 in the Global Ops Source2Pay organization
  • Roles have supported all GE businesses across every region, spanning operations, project management, and global process leadership

Professional Principles

Fun Facts

  • Kindness and empathy, always. Put yourself in other’s shoes, assume the best
  • Lead from the front, respect is earned & authenticity shines
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously, if you aren’t having fun you’re doing it wrong
  • Think strategically, operate tactically. A dream is only as good as it’s execution
  • Take the time to tackle the big problems. Easy choices, hard life; hard choices, easy life
  • Loves travel, over 30 countries and counting. Freelance travel writer in prior life
  • Enjoys crafting playlists on Spotify and attending camping music festivals
  • Meditates daily, drawn to Buddhism
  • Skipped an expensive wedding to honeymoon on private tour through Southeast Asia for two weeks (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand)
  • Named after character from novel “Being There”