Corporate Social Responsibility and Angel Giving

“Win and help win.”

These words — one of our touchstones at Angel Protocol — explain our approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Thus far in the 21st century, CSR has been more about unenforceable commitments (witness the numerous pledges to be carbon neutral by 2050). In the triple bottom line of “people-planet-profit”, profit continues to reign supreme.

Angel Protocol acknowledges the profit motive, and encourages it via our “Locked For Good” token model (the subject of an upcoming article). Yet we also recognize the imperative to do good today: not in thirty years, or twenty, or ten, but right now. In 2021, we acted on that imperative in three major ways.

The first cornerstone of our foundation is ‘Partnership’. Angel Protocol has aligned with over 80 supporters, who commit to regular donations as part of the “Angel Alliance.” The second is ‘Sustainability’. We just completed a sustainability campaign that in just one month, raised over $1.5m for charities committed to combating the detrimental effects of climate change. Building the infrastructure to process these donations has prepared us well for the next stage of eight-figure donations and beyond.

But the most important of our cornerstones is the ‘creation of sustainable revenue streams’ for vetted charities. Each charity in our index is aligned with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Our rotating index program enables 10 charities per index to receive a minimum of $20,000 each before rotating out, and the next index benefitting. All charities need to do is sign up; Angel Protocol handles the rest.

How do we do it?

      • With technology: Angel Protocol’s blockchain technology and automatic smart contracts flawlessly dispense tens of thousands of dollars each month to index members;
      • With transparency: donations are easily traceable due to the power of this blockchain technology, which creates a ledger that permanently records each and every transaction for public view;
      • With responsibility: each donation funds not only the daily needs of member charities, but also perpetual endowments that guarantee financial and operational stability far into the future.

Eight months ago, Angel Protocol was a dream. Today, we are already operating at “corporate scale”. Based on current donations, Angel Protocol is sending over $400,000 per month to member charities. This number is set to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming months.

Our aspirations are grand: to become the world’s largest and most effective community owned charity. Our capacity to do good is unlimited, with the pace of incoming donations matched only by the flood of new charities that continue to onboard into our charity marketplace.

Companies that wish to do good often face skepticism and scrutiny. The cost of due diligence and the necessity for strict transparency can make it difficult or impossible for corporate entities to donate more than token amounts. The blockchain addresses these challenges, enabling stakeholders to verify and validate that companies are living up to their promises.

How do I find out more? Take part?

Corporate social responsibility is not a buzzword. It is a necessity. Angel Protocol makes it feasible for companies to fulfill this responsibility: to do well and do good.

The Angel Alliance members exemplify the potential of ‘crypto’ corporate responsibility. But CSR through Angel protocol should in no way be confined to the crypto world.

To find out more about how you can use Angel Protocol to ensure your company’s social responsibility is secure, take a look at or email marking your email “CSR Request”.