Angel Protocol Launches Black History Month Campaign

We at Angel Protocol play a critical role in shaping philanthropy. As a connector of capital, we seek to expand access to powerful endowment technology and spotlight organizations working on the frontlines of delivering change.

With that said, we are excited to launch our campaign for Black History Month with four organizations that provide tremendous value to the communities they serve and the systems they interact with. 

First off, how did we get here? Racial inequities in America are the result of structural racism that is embedded in our historical, political, cultural, social, and economic systems and institutions 1.

The effects compound and produce vastly adverse outcomes for Black people and other communities of color in the United States in every facet of life including; health, wealth, career, education, housing, infrastructure, criminal justice, and civic participation 2

Funding Black-led nonprofits is critical to bridging this immense gap as Black led nonprofits statistically put more resources into advancing racial justice than their white-led counterparts3.

But, racial bias is also deeply ingrained in philanthropic giving, resulting in an underfunding of Black communities by $2 billion. Black-led organizations have 45 percent less revenue and 91 percent less unrestricted net assets than white-led organizations4.

Unrestricted funds are critical to nonprofit impact as it allows agency in how programming is designed and funds are allocated. Despite this, Black led nonprofits have demonstrated resolve, resiliency, and greater efficacy dollar per dollar in their programming. 

Endowing a social change nonprofit is one of philanthropy’s purest expressions of power shifting. It transfers some of the vast wealth of the few to the hands of the many.

By putting wealth back under the control of frontline nonprofits and the communities they serve, we can give the best equipped organizations the financial certainty they need to deliver on their mission.

Intentions for Black History Month Campaign:

  • Provide a platform for Black non-profit leaders to be the center perspective
  • Discuss historical context with authenticity and a willingness to un-learn
  • Address the persistent and substantial barriers leaders of color face in securing philanthropic funding


The fight does not end on March 1st, contribute $2,800 / $280 / $28 to support meaningful change.

Meet the Non-profits

  • Black Women Network: is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting collaborative entrepreneurial thinking, holistic wellness, expanding equitable funding access and increasing knowledge of high-growth industries including STEM in Black Women Entrepreneurs & Professionals.
  • Brothers Liberating Our Communities: is a professional network of Black Male Educational leaders working to uplift our communities through racial equity centered education work.
  • Hip Hop for Change: breaks down barriers between youth and justice issues that affect their lives and communities using Hip hop as a vehicle. We educate, employ, and empower historically marginalized communities and inspire the next generation of leaders advocating for change through this work!
  • Teachers Like Me: is an organization dedicated to recruiting, developing, and retaining quality Black teachers in public education.
Calendar of Black History Month Events:
  • February 1st: Kick-off twitter space panel discussion with the leads of all four NPOs 
  • February 7th: Discussion with Teachers Like Me
  • February 14th: Discussion with Black Women Network

We look forward to a month of discussion and action, and are excited to have you all along for the ride!