Better Giving: A new chapter for Angel Giving

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In the world of philanthropy, names carry weight, history, and intention. So when a platform as renowned as Angel Giving decides to adopt a new name, it’s an event worthy of celebration and reflection.

We are excited to announce that Angel Giving is evolving into “Better Giving”. This new name is not just a rebrand, but a reaffirmation of our mission and vision for a brighter, more generous future.

A Reflection of Progress:

To start with, the name “Better Giving” resonates with the platform’s constant quest for improvement. While “Angel Giving” represented the angelic nature of charitable actions, “Better Giving” is an embodiment of progress. It encapsulates our dedication to make every act of kindness, every donation, and every project better than the last.

Broadening the Horizon:

The word “angel” often has religious or spiritual connotations. While it symbolizes benevolence, our mission is inclusive of all, irrespective of their religious or cultural background. “Better Giving” is a universal term, embracing every kind-hearted soul wishing to make a difference.

Encouraging Active Participation:

The term “better” is both an adjective and a challenge. It’s an invitation for every user, donor, and volunteer to constantly raise the bar, to seek better ways to support, and to inspire others to join the journey. The name emphasizes active participation in charitable causes, urging everyone to play a part in creating a better world.

Embracing the Digital Era:

While Angel Giving carried the digital “.io” suffix, the simple new URL “Better.Giving” fully integrates into the digital age without explicitly pointing it out. It subtly underlines the platform’s tech-forward approach, ensuring that charitable activities benefit from the latest technological advancements. It’s an approach that charities can benefit from. Digital donations are on the increase. Better Giving can easily be integrated as part of a charity’s digital strategy.

Transparency and Efficiency:

“Better Giving” also reflects the platform’s commitment to improving transparency and efficiency in charitable work. It represents an assurance that every dollar donated will be used more effectively, that every project will be executed with greater impact, and that the stories of change will be shared more vividly.

Reflection on the Complexities of Crypto and Blockchain:

In recent years, the world of crypto and blockchain has opened up new avenues and possibilities for charitable giving. These technologies promise unprecedented levels of transparency, efficiency, and global reach. However, with innovation comes challenges. At Angel Giving, we have had to reflect deeply on the complexities, risks, and ethical implications that surround these emerging technologies. Indeed, we’ve had to meet these challenges head on!

There were concerns about the volatility of cryptocurrencies, the environmental implications of certain blockchain operations, and the evidential potential for misuse. We’ve taken these concerns seriously.

Our shift to “Better Giving” is, in part, a response to these reflections. It’s a commitment to integrating the best of technology while being vigilant about its challenges. We aim to harness the positive potential of blockchain in the future, but we move forward now with a new simplified platform and with renewed emphasis on security, sustainability, and ethical considerations.

By renaming ourselves as “Better Giving”, we’re not only highlighting our quest for constant improvement but also signalling our dedication to making informed, responsible choices. We want our community to know that while we embrace innovation, we do so with a deep sense of responsibility and a commitment to always act in the best interests of our donors, beneficiaries, and the larger global community.

A Renewed Commitment:

Lastly, a change in name is a testament to rejuvenation. It’s a promise that the platform will not rest on its laurels. Instead, it will continue to innovate, expand, and reach out to more corners of the world, touching more lives and making every act of giving, simply better.

As we embrace “Better Giving”, we carry forward the legacy and spirit of Angel Giving

The journey of magnifying positive change continues, and with a renewed vigor, we are set to make the world of charitable giving even better.

Together, let’s celebrate this new chapter and continue our shared mission of making the world a brighter place.

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