Angel Giving: New name – MORE impact

Angel Giving new name banner image

Angel Protocol launched in 2021. Since then, more than 160 nonprofits have benefitted to the tune of over $2.5m and as we launch Angel Giving, our hope is for a future where simplicity is key. Where donors and nonprofits build a longer, more engaged relationship and where endowments reduce the strain of building a long term financial future. 


So, what’s new? Well, Angel Protocol aimed to provide nonprofits across the world with endowments that accept crypto donations. Opening them up to a new, young and growing donor base and enabling them to receive donations from blockchain corporate social responsibility, via the Angel Alliance. 


That hasn’t changed. What has changed is that as Angel Protocol moves to allow the ‘Angel Smart Treasury’ that powers it to be offered to a wider web2 audience, the name ‘Angel Giving’ better reflects the philanthropic side of its work. 


So in the future, you will see the phrase ‘Powered by Angel Protocol’ appear more often elsewhere as well as on the giving site. To find out more about that, take a look at the new Angel Protocol website. 

But all aspects of the nonprofit marketplace, the support from the Angel Alliance and in future, the benefits of the HALO token and governance will run through the Angel Giving brand.

We also believe this will make it easier for you to market giving in this way, to your potential donors. Especially as we introduce fiat on-ramps, so donors can give dollars, pounds, euros, whatever into the endowment. 

And we look forward to seeing the amount raised just keep on rising! Remember, as Angel Protocol powers other offerings, a percentage of the fees goes straight into the Angel Endowment – and then to those signed up. Nonprofits benefit immediately from this change

What to do now:

  1. Bookmark the Angel Giving website 
  2. Check the marketplace found at
  3. The twitter account is @angelgiving_ (and you can follow it right now – we’ll follow back!)
  4. Please follow here as well!  The Facebook feed is angelgivingFB


Make improvements to your marketing and donation page:

Connect your account right now and make some immediate changes to your page on the marketplace. 750 words of text, a single line header to attract more donors, and better targeting for the search filter with geographical location. Click the image to find out how.Edit your page on Angel Giving

Get to use the new widget! 

Once you have added new text to your page and updated logo or banner, submit it and your email via the feedback button (see this video) and we will send you instructions on how to add the on-page widget directly into your website and provide some supporting text. Take a look at one of our widget beta testers own donation page

In that way, you have two ways of attracting donors. With the Angel Giving site, and within your own. Donors need never leave your site and are still able to donate. 

If you haven’t registered yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!  Join the newest global nonprofit phenomenon! Start here!

Or find out more about how to register

Register now and we’ll give you an immediate $100 kickstart donation into your free Angel Giving endowment.