Angel Charity Spotlight: Global Synergy for Leadership

We caught up with Eric Selemani, Founder at GSL, to discuss how cryptocurrency can play a part in aiding the charity with the help of Angel Protocol.

What’s your role, and how did you/the charity get involved with ‘crypto’ giving?

As the founder and Executive director of GSL, my role is to ensure the organization strives in its mission to empower the youth. I keep my eyes open to identify potential opportunities of funding. I wasn’t very informed about cryptocurrency until a friend shared with me a link with information about Angel Protocol and the possibility of receiving donations in crypto. As I explored the limited information available, I thought to myself that this is the future of donations and I don’t want to be left out. Since that day I started learning about crypto currency.

Had you ever used endowments before or ever thought of using them?

The Endowment model is not common in Africa. I have not yet been exposed to this model of financing.

How has Angel Protocol experience been so far? What have you been able to do?

I am still in the phase of learning and discovery, but so far, so good. I love the experience and the support. The team is really supportive and available whenever/wherever there is a need.

How do you think Angel Protocol will be able to benefit your charity in the future?

Angel Protocol Marketplace is a powerful tool for exposure that will give Global Synergy for Leadership the opportunity to reach new audience (1), to access new donors (2), and more importantly, to have a source of funds for as long as the organization will exist (the Endowment) (3).

Advice for others

I have not waited long before starting to share with other organizations in the French speaking countries in Africa about the opportunity that comes with being featured on Angel Protocol’s Marketplace. My key message for them is: “This is the future of Fundraising and Donations, be part of it now!”

Do you have any immediate needs? Or immediate plans for using the funding?

For the moment we do not want to use donations. We want to let our endowment grow so that the returns will allow us to have consistent withdrawals each year.

How do people find out more? About what you do? do you have any social media links?

We have a page on Facebook and another on LinkedIn

Many thanks Eric, we look forward to hear more in due course.