The Angel Alliance

The Angel Alliance is a collective of more than 125 businesses, protocols, validators, and NFT projects at the forefront of a more transparent form of corporate giving. Partners commit a portion of revenue to fund non-profits and changemakers in perpetuity.


Locked for Good

Locked For Good is a program that exists for projects with yield bearing tokens. It allow for a project to donate native tokens to be locked in a pool accruing yield. Those tokens are never sold, therefore not creating negative sell pressure; rather they are staked and 25% of the yield gets re-invested and 75% of the yield is distributed to the charities on Angel Giving marketplace


Service Partners are partners who use their platform to help spread the word about Angel Giving. They voluntarily advocate for the company and engage in activities that support us. By doing so, they help us reach a larger audience and promote our services.

Integration Partners

Integration Partners are those partners who have incorporated Angel Impact into their User Interface, giving exposure on their platform to Angel Giving and our Non-profits.