Angel Alliance October nuggets: Pure gold!

October has been an incredible month here at the Angel Alliance. So much has been happening that we wanted to share some bite size nuggets of information for all of our amazing support systems! 

Coming off of a crazy month of traveling and conferences;  October provided a chance to settle in and get back to the (very enjoyable!) grind of twitter spaces, interviews, and the backlog of reconnecting with everyone we met at the conferences. 

If you are anything like me; I’m sure you have felt the collaboration vibe around crypto twitter!

What an amazing thing to see.

The vast numbers of partnerships, collaborations, integrations and adoptions have been the best part of October: Especially for the Angel Alliance! 

This month, we have added 7 new, unique partners to the Alliance; who have all pledged to give back their money, or services to help Angel Protocol’s mission to fund charities FOREVER! 

Dloyal logo

DLOYAL – A Performance Marketing and Sales dapp for Web3 built on Kujira.

Rev3al logo

REV3AL –  Digital anti-counterfeiting, copyright protection & cybersecurity tech for Web3 artists, creators and collectors. The future of digital asset protection.

BEETogether – Fundraising for social good based on NFT’s on NEAR network

Starbois A NFT collection of 8888 starbois minting on Stargaze.  

Racoon Supply Community, AI, Gaming and NFT collection of RACs on Secret Network.

Eris Protocol – A liquid staking and slow burn arbitrage protocol built on Terra and Terra Classic. 

Cosmos DeFi Youtube, Spaces, Podcasts and more! Bringing educational videos about the cosmos and NFTs every week. 

If your collection, protocol, validator, L1, or game would like to get involved with the Angel Alliance; please reach out via twitter or discord, and help us on our mission to fund charities in perpetuity. 

Win and help win. 

About the Angel Alliance:

Angel Protocol redefines corporate social responsibility for a new world. Consumers demand purpose with their products and services, and we make it easy to imbue purpose in your business.

The Angel Alliance is a collective of more than 125+ businesses, protocols, validators, and NFT projects at the forefront of a more transparent and accountable form of corporate giving. Partners commit a portion of revenue or assets to fund non-profits and changemakers in perpetuity.