Angel Alliance: January Update

The month of December was an especially joyful time for the Angel Alliance, our spirits were lifted by much love and support from both new and existing partners! 

We were thrilled to announce, in this January update, three new Angel Alliance partners and multiple service partners, as well as projects that generously offered to auction items for charity. Every day, we connect with projects and people with massive dreams and even bigger hearts that are dedicated to making the world a better place.

Classroom Update in Uganda: 

Yamba Hearts of Uganda received funds that were raised from the NFT collection Crowned Space Apes; and began construction just a few days ago for their new classroom. Funds raised were roughly 33,000 $STARS / $1,500 USDC. The  Angel Alliance was also thrilled to be able to set up a conference call to bring the Yamba Hearts team and the Crowned Space Apes team together; which was an absolutely beautiful thing. 

Look at the amazing work being done:

Following that call, the Krusty Kritters NFT project heard about the good that the CSR team did, and inquired about how to also help raise funds with a NFT auction of one of their BADer APES. 

This month we were also on the road at DCENTRAL Miami, Web3 Miami & Women in Web3 Miami. Multiple members of the Angel Protocol team were able to join as speakers as well as having dialogue with many projects in the Miami area.

Metrics of December Alliance Involvement:

New Alliance Partners:

Service Partners:

Donations for Auction:

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