How The Space Ape Society’s NFT community is revolutionizing giving and transforming lives with Angel Giving charitable donations.


The Space Ape Society (TSAS) and their subcommunities, Crowned Space Apes (CSA) and Space Ape Cowboyz, have shown the power of the NFT space by using their project and community to create life-changing impact. As an essential member of the Angel Alliance, their generosity and dedication to social causes have made a significant difference for the Yamba Hearts Center, Yellow Boat of Hope, and Fully Liberated Youth. TSAS and its subcommunities have made multiple contributions through Angel Giving over time. Their combined donations have totaled over $15,750, making a tangible difference in the lives of many.

TSAS began their journey with the Angel Alliance with their first contribution, the Buddies collection, which raised $12,000, split evenly between Yellow Boat of Hope and Fully Liberated Youth. This collection set the stage for their ongoing commitment to social impact through the Angel Alliance, furthering the potential of the NFT space for charitable causes.

TSAS Buddies NFT banner image

The Crowned Space Apes, a subcommunity within TSAS, focused on the three crowned traits of the original collection, contributed $1,500 through the BADer Apes collection. This unique collection raised funds specifically for the Yamba Hearts Center, demonstrating the ability of subcommunities to drive targeted fundraising efforts. Learn more about the fun & inspiring story behind that contribution in our prior writeup.

More recently, TSAS, CSA, and Demon Invasion AI (DIAI) collaborated on the Angels & Demons collection, raising over $2,200. This collaborative effort showcased the potential for multiple projects to come together for a shared cause. The funds raised were distributed evenly among the Yamba Hearts Center, Yellow Boat of Hope, and Fully Liberated Youth.

NFT royalites – an ongoing commitment: 

In addition to these significant contributions, the CSA subcommunity has committed to ongoing royalties as part of their social impact pledge through the Angel Alliance. This ongoing support resulted in an additional 3,000 STARS (just over $50) donated recently to Yamba Hearts Center.

Throughout this partnership, Angel Giving has witnessed the incredible growth of TSAS and its subcommunities. Their dedication to fostering a culture of collaboration and support for artists, creators, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts has been nothing short of inspirational. 

The project’s vision, laid out by founder Khal, emphasizes the importance of community-driven collaboration and the power of working together for a common goal. These figures demonstrate that vision in action.

The subcommunities within TSAS have played a crucial role in the overall success of the project. The Crowned Space Apes have developed a treasury with multiple funds, including an NFT investment fund and a charity fund, demonstrating their commitment to driving value for their members while supporting worthwhile causes. The Space Ape Cowboyz, another subcommunity, has taken a proactive approach to mental health awareness through weekly Twitter spaces and various collaborations.

The table below summarizes the various contributions made by TSAS and its subcommunities:

The Space Ape Society donation summary

Setting an example for the NFT world:

The Space Ape Society and its subcommunities have set an incredible example for the NFT world by leveraging their project and community for life-changing impact. Through their contributions and ongoing relationship with Angel Giving, they have demonstrated the power of collaboration and dedication to social causes. As a leading member of the Angel Alliance, TSAS’s ongoing impact is a testament to the potential for NFTs to be a force for good in the world.

The relationships fostered between TSAS, its subcommunities, and Angel Giving have grown stronger over time, proving the immense value of a supportive network of like-minded projects and individuals. These connections not only enable meaningful contributions to those in need but also inspire others in the NFT space to follow their example and use their platforms for social good.

By continuing to prioritize the needs of their community and focus on the welfare of others, TSAS and its subcommunities have helped to shift the narrative surrounding NFTs and cryptocurrency. Their emphasis on art, technology, and collaboration is paving the way for a more inclusive and impactful NFT ecosystem.

TSAS is expanding its reach to additional blockchains and platforms. Their commitment to fostering a culture of collaboration and support remains steadfast. The Space Ape Society’s vision of empowering artists, creators, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts through a supportive community is coming to fruition, and their ongoing partnership with Angel Giving is a shining example of how NFTs can be utilized for the greater good.

We are grateful for TSAS’s contributions and the continued impact they are making in the lives of those supported by the Yamba Hearts Center, Yellow Boat of Hope, and Fully Liberated Youth. Their leadership and dedication to social causes serve as an inspiration to others in the NFT space and beyond. As we look to the future, we are eager to see the continued growth and success of TSAS and its subcommunities as they continue to use their platforms for positive change.

Together, we can show the world the good that web3 can accomplish.

With organizations like TSAS and its subcommunities leading the charge, the potential for NFTs and cryptocurrency to create meaningful, lasting impact is brighter than ever.