Validator Income and Expenditure Report: Q1 2023 – Angel Giving

Overview: Angel Giving democratizes access to digital endowments for nonprofits. A large part of our vibrant, transparent charity marketplace is connecting capital flows to these changemakers in enduring and creative ways. Validator income and rewards are a cornerstone of this strategy. Operating a host of cross-chain validators, Angel Giving Validators support the decentralization of the […]

The Angel Giving 10-point plan:

We believe that donors want to see just what is done with their hard-earned donation. For crypto donors, they definitely want more to be done with their crypto donation than just have it exchanged into fiat currency such as dollars or pounds. After all, they often believe cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the future – that’s why they have some to donate to you! 

If you do not have the ability to collect crypto – you’re missing out on a billion dollar donation route! If you can link that with ‘normal’ donations of dollars, euros or pounds at a lower cost than any other route, that’s even better!

Angel Giving enables you to use all donations, but especially the increasingly more evident crypto donations in a better way, using blockchain technology. Here’s how we improve not only how you accept both ‘fiat’ and crypto, but what is done with it. We think your donors, your crypto donors, or your  FUTURE crypto donors will appreciate it!  

  1. Give your donors more choice: You get a free to set up account that has two aspects: an endowment and a current account. Donors can choose the percentage of their donation that goes into each. The endowment account is deemed a restricted account, and the current account is unrestricted and available for withdrawal. 
  2. Reduce risk: The donation – fiat or crypto is exchanged into stable coins (pegged to the US Dollar) reducing the risk of holding potentially volatile crypto assets.
  3. Make your donations work for you: Both accounts will generate yield, based on investment parameters chosen by the charity. Yield is added weekly, split 75%/25% for current/endowment account thus growing both over time. Your donations continue to work for you, providing a sustainable financial runway.
  4. Take control over your funds: Both accounts are ‘self-custodial’ in that immediately someone donates, the funds are yours, in wallets controlled and owned by you. No waiting a week for funds to be sent to you.
  5. Engage donors more: Donors will become more engaged with the charity, as in the future, management of the endowment account will be via the HALO token, a governance token that donors and charities receive based on the donation size. More engaged donors = more generous donors.
  6. Interest and attract more donors: An easily editable marketplace page to encourage ‘browsing’ donations and increase your discoverability. Especially from the Angel Alliance of corporate social responsibility partners. 
  7. Make it easy for donors to donate: A customisable widget tool that generates as many widgets as you wish for placing on your site, using different parameters. Giving YOU more control. Giving your donors more choice.
  8. Keep it secret. Keep it safe! Simple multisignature accounts for improved access and importantly, security for your nonprofit.
  9. Keep track of donations and who donates: Automated tax receipts and streamlined accounting, along with the ability to refuse anonymous donations.
  10. Cut your donation costs! No upfront or annual fees, we only win when YOU win, with a fee on donations. No investable donations = no fees!

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